Group Settlement

Item 474 Item 474
Typical Group Settlement house, somewhere near Augusta in the 1920s.
Item 955 Item 955
Group Settlement house with extensive and immaculate vegetable garden, date unknown.
Item 60 Item 60
Carting fodder for animals on Group Settlements in the 1920s. Ned Higgins at a depot in the bush.
Item971 Item971
An original \"humpy\" in which the Group Settlers lived until sufficient land was cleared and their house built. Location and date unknown.
Item 1214 Item 1214
Group carts lined up at Cowaramup Siding for distribution to the Groups, 1924
Item 1225 Item 1225
Group Settlers Group 2, 1923. Prime Minister Bruce and Mrs Bruce visiting with James Mitchell (centre, rear) Press photograph.
Item 476 Item 476
Bogged Group truck being extricated. Roads in the winter were all pretty much like this in the 1920s.
Item 464 Item 464
Hay carting on Group 72, 1927/28
Item 1247 Item 1247
Using a cross cut saw on Group 72, date unknown. Milking shed in background.
Item 1175 Item 1175
Group 63 (Rapid Landing) school children and teacher Mr Hill in the 1920s.
OS 5423 OS 5423
The school bell from Bramley Group school
Item 136 Item 136
School children and teachers Miss M.Betts and E.A. Smith outside the Bramley Group School, newly built in 1925
The Old Settlement 2012 The Old Settlement 2012
The newly-refurbished \"Old Settlement\" at the entrance to town now houses the headquarters of the Historical Society in the old Bramley School building.

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