Item 14 Item 14
Grace Drake-Brockman (nee Bussell), heroine of the Georgette rescue, in middle age. Date unknown.
Item 663 Item 663
Debutantes presented to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Bunbury at a ball in 1945
Item 18 Item 18
Alfred Pickmore Bussell, pioneer settler of Margaret River. Photograph date unknown.
Item 17 Item 17
Ellen Bussell (nee Heppingstone) wife of Alfred Bussell. Photograph date unknown.
Item 75 Item 75
Georgiana Molloy, date unknown. With her husband Captain John Molloy, one of the first Augusta settlers. Famed amateur botanist who collected widely and sent drawings, specimens and seeds back to England.
Item 74 Item 74
Captain (Brevet Colonel) John Molloy in late age. Original Augusta settler, husband of Georgiana.
Item 58 Item 58
Copy of a painted portrait of Baron Jacques Felix Emmanuel Hamelin in captain's uniform. Baron Hamelin captained the 'Naturaliste' on its expedition along the south-west coastline of WA in 1801.
Item 25 Item 25
Peter Brennan, John Dawson and Mary Dawson (nee Dooley), date unknown. John Dawson was one of the first settlers in Augusta.
Item 638 Item 638
Mary Nilsson at the Coronation Parade in 1953. Photo: Joe Cunningham
Item 63 Item 63
Sam Isaacs, seated, shown with son Fred. Sam was the hero, with Grace Bussell, of the 'Georgette' rescue off Redgate Beach in 1876.
Item 61 Item 61
Sam Isaacs and son Fred. Taken from a glass negative dated 1917, just before Sam's death.
Item 95 Item 95
Councillors of the Augusta-Margaret River Shire in 1968.
Item 33 Item 33
Famous shopkeeper Bill Darnell, behind the counter of his shop in Witchcliffe, 1989.Photo: Clive Slater for WA Newspapers

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