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The digitisation and preservation of our collection of photographs and documents is ongoing. With the help of the Shire and the Lotteries Commission, and our own resources, we purchased a computer, "Collections Mosaic" archiving software and underwent initial training in the uploading of our collection.

Progress has been less speedy than we would have wished owing to time constraints on our members and the single computer available to us, but we hope to have the initial collection uploaded to the Mosaic system within two years, and protected and archived in approved materials at about the same time.

Of course we welcome new additions to our collection and these will be included after the original collection is dealt with.

When the collection is securely uploaded, it will hopefully be viewable in a public domain. This is a subject under constant examination by the Society and we trust that some arrangement to allow this will have been concluded by the time the collection is ready for viewing.

This 1989 photo by Clive Slater from our collection shows the interior of the Basildene Homestead.