Industries and Agriculture

Item 9018 Item 9018
A millet crop on Hans Schroeder's farm, date unknown
Item 9021 Item 9021
Tree pulling camp at Ludlow, 1912/14
Item 428 Item 428
Timber yard at Hamelin Harbour during M.C.Davies' time.
Item 443 Item 443
Locomotive 'Kate' hauling logs in the Boranup area, 1898.
Item 453 Item 453
Bullock team (belonging to Miss Edith Bussell) used for clearing land for the railway line between Busselton and Margaret River. 1923/24
Item 463 Item 463
Ploughing of land on a group farm in the 1920s, using a 'Shave' disc plough.
Item 469 Item 469
Easter 1949. The largest tree felled till then for the Cowaramup Mill.
Item 869 Item 869
Gang loading cut railway sleepers in the bush 2km from Margaret River, 1924
Item 9011 Item 9011
First blackmith's shop in Margaret River, situated in what is now Tunbridge Street.
Item 9009 Item 9009
Dr. Tom Cullity with early Vasse Felix wines, 1960s.
Item 9007 Item 9007
A Margaret River wine tasting.
Item 9008 Item 9008
Wine press, 1982
Item 545 Item 545
Sheep on a Group 88 farm, 1940s
Item 893 Item 893
A team of horses bred in Karridale haul logs at M.C.Davies' Timber company,late 1800s.
Item 897 Item 897
Boranup Timber Mill. c1900. One of M.C.Davies' mills.
Item 898 Item 898
'The Fallen Giant' felled in Karridale, late 1900s.
Item 1150 Item 1150
Hand-milking on original Group 60 in the 1940s.
Item 466 Item 466
Cows being milked by machine in the 1950s on a Soldier Settlement block, previously a Group block, Kudardup.

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