Main Street Historic Walk – Site 22

In 1929/20 a residence and shop was built for Norman and Kath Terry. Mrs Terry opened the town's first news agency. The business was sold to a J.P. Manoni in 1937/8 who operated the news agency and a Mrs Alma Whitewood who operated in part of the building selling pies and confectionery.

In 1942/3 Jack and Agnes Thomas took over the news agency until 1954. From 1956/57 the local newspaper in the "Margaret River Times" was operating under Gerry Middleton and Simon Terry and later in 1959 Norman Fuller up to 1966/7. The building was demolished in 1967 by the local Apex Club for fundraising. In 1985/6 the site was rebuilt using the rammed earth building technique and the restaurant in Spaghetti Bowl Restaurant. Now it has the Burger Baby Grill restaurant and Marine Co clothing store.


Reference map of Margaret River with site numbers

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Margaret River & District Historical Society photo collection

John Alferink from my recollections of the town after being in the area for over 68 years, John Alferink 2021